Explore Radio – Dr. Stephen J. Edberg

Dr. Stephen J. Edberg explains how spacecraft are used to collect scientific data.

Explore Radio is proud to have our first interview with Jet Propulsion Laboratory‘s Scientist Dr. Stephen J. Edberg. The Measure of Space: NASA’s Space Interferometry Mission with Special Guest Dr. Stephen J. Edberg.

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For his long commitment in bringing amateur and professional astronomers together, Minor planet 3672 Stevedberg (1985 QQ) was named in honor of Stephen J. Edberg in 1987. The citation was prepared by David H. Levy at the request of the discoverer Edward Bowell of Lowell Observatory.

In 2003, Steve joined the board of directors of the AstronomyOutreach network to help promote and support outreach enthusiasts, organizations, lecturers, clubs, and events for public awareness of astronomy. He is also on the committee with Dr. Michael D. Reynolds, Tippy D’Auria, and Scott W. Roberts for the AstronomyOutreach Outreach Award which recognizes individuals and organizations for exemplary achievements in awareness of astronomy to the public at large. These award ceremonies are held each year at the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys.